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Breaking the Myth: The Effectiveness of Bowties in Risk and Safety Management

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In recent years, bow-ties have become a fashionable tool for managing risk and safety in high-risk industries. The original thinking was based on James Reason’s widely cited Swiss cheese model and the domino effect. Reason argued that accidents (or failures) in socio-technical systems, ie systems comprising human beings and technical components, are “caused” as a result of the dominos falling […]

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Accident Investigations: Learning from Failures or Failure to Learn?

Learning from failure or failure to learn? Behavioural  sciences  are  increasingly  becoming  concerned with the learning that follows from accidents. Many scholars have questioned the underlying causes of ‘accidents’ and the conventional  methods  of  accident  investigations,  but their conclusions vary. In general, accidents are investigated for two reasons – to settle litigation and for professional objectives – that is, to prevent these […]

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